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The Big Tent:
Get the big vision in the Big Tent through essays and inspiration on Love and the spiritual life.

Gardens of Inspiration:
Places of abundant inspiration and delight with the poetry of love-drunk mystics and wise people of the ages.

The Aramaic Jesus: Opening up the poetic mysticism and expansiveness of Jesus' mind in the language he thought and taught in. Revolutionary!

The Heart Meditation:
A simple and powerful way to be filled with Love and peace every day.

Icons for the Child Within: Paintings of joy and whimsey to tickle you.

Audio Poetry with Music and Effects: On-line recordings of Wild Words to illuminate and heal.

The Store of Love and Happiness: Downloadable workbook and manuscripts: Wild Words of Adults and Children Poetry, CDs, Healing Meditations and more... A place of Love and Joy.

Levels of Being: A simple way to understand the levels of our inner being and how they relate to the goal of being a fully happy human being.


These 20 workshops are composed of spiritual exercise progressions designed to carry you into your own experience of the liberating reality of unconditional Love. Each workshop comes from a unique perspective which allows you to find just what works for your life and will best carry you forward towards you goals.

Workshops now available:

1. Healing in Love: learn to be open and free as you practice accepting limitless Love
    loving you.

2. Meditation and Prayer: the best of east and west in a powerful spiritual practice.

. Self Inquiry: waking up to the free nature of your true self.

4. HOL: open your body's energy centers so you can live naturally in the freedom of the spirit.
    Take a bath in spiritual Love every day.

5. Your Life Purpose: discover your heart's true desires and start living them.

6. Creative Parenting: Key developmental needs of your child and how to more creatively and
    lovingly meet them.

7. Creative Dance: dance yourself open into healing Love and freedom.

8. Creative Faith: learn the faith Christ taught and demonstrated, enjoying the answer before
    it comes.

9. Physical Healing in Christ: a step by step exercise of principles that have brought
    miraculous physical healing to many people.

10. Keys To Liberation: Super simple and powerful keys to transform your heart and mind.
    These take no energy or personal power, so are perfect for people who are depressed or weary.
     Never be a victim again!

11. Gratitude: Gratitude is happiness. Get a new positive flow of gratitude moving in your life.

12. God Is: Celebrate the Divine qualites that cause us to Love the limitless source of our existence.
    Healing, illuminating and liberating—especially for those with negative religous experiences.

13. I Am: A simple yet powerful way to unite your outward life with your deep, pure being.

14. EFT: Powerful methods to undo the negative effects of past trauma from the new field of
      Energy Psychology. Far superior to the relatively ineffective old models of psychotherapy.

15. Blessing and Healing: Learn how to open up and drink in God's Spiritual blessings every day,
     and how to bless others and enhance physical healing with your hands.

16. Creativity: Learn how to activate your natural creativity and live a life of constant inspiration.

17. Sacred Sex: There can be no complete spiritual way that does not include the union of sex and
     spirit. Sex is our primal life-force and a key to playful joy and profuse creative inspiration.

18. The Five Breaths: A powerful spiritual exercise you can do every morning before you get out of
bed. It fills you with vitality, connects all parts of yourself into wholeness and makes you a conscious
     co-creator with God.

19. Couples Attunement: How to retune your relationship into Love and joy through the power of
     resonance. Also how to bless those you love at a distance.

20. A Direct Way To God: Skip around all the negative connotations and open up to the Light, Love
     and Freedom that is the beautiful Source of all existence. Very simple. Very direct. Very beautiful.

Each workshop is a powerful, life-changing experience.

Connecting IHC to the work of kindred spirits

Plus free downloads and other resources.

We have been created to know
Love and Freedom:
somthing in us instinctively knows this is true.

The Store of Love
and Happiness:

downloads, CD's, and Art to fill your heart and home with Love and beauty.
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