Welcome to the Inner Healing Festival of Love

Would you like to live with an open heart, filled with the inspiration and wisdom of real Love? If so, than come join us in this on-line festival of personal growth and celebration.

Who is this for?
People just like you from all over the world with many different cultural backgrounds and beliefs who share the same desire to heal and become fully alive in the joyful and compassionate nature of real Love.

What is the Festival of Love?
An on-line spiritual festival of workshops that give you powerful principles and practices to break through your inner blocks and resistances to the Love that can heal you.

Is this part of a religion?
No. IHC does not represent one specific religion, rather it warmly embraces the Love, beauty and liberating principles that lie at the heart of all true spiritual systems. It is not about conformity but your unique unfoldment and experience of Love. Our goal is to provide you with what you need to open to the life-giving power deep within you that enables you to become your fullest, most complete self and to give your greatest gifts to the world.

No matter what your beliefs are you will find here the inspiration, spiritual tools, and encouragement you need to grow into the deepest purpose of your faith—your liberation.

We all need a place where Love is a gift freely given, a place of safety where we can open our hearts without fear, a place of beauty where we can heal.

This is such a place...

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