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For thousands of years mankind has held the image of the Divine as its most precious treasure. Why is this? Perhaps because we are intimately connected to the Divine in our innermost being and our image of the Divine either limits or expands our experience of the highest qualities of Life that give health, strength and joy to our existence.

Many people have been exposed through organized religions to images of God that created fear, fostered guilt and imposed unhealthy limitations. Religion developed in the West with imperialisteic and repressive tendencies. Religion, as a doorway to the Divine, has the power to free souls, but when it misrepresents Divine reality it causes fear and harmful repression which bursts out in many negative forms. Human limited and manipulated religion has even caused many otherwise good people to do evil things.


Spirituality is the free and open quality of Being luminous souls have expressed. It is a living and essential part of this amazing Universe that religion points to through its words and rituals. Spirituality is simply our experience of the fluid, expansive and free Spirit of the Divine that is everywhere present. This encounter resonates truth within our deepest being. It unveils the Light of Life in us: that eternal innocence that remains undefiled in every human heart. This pure, Divine receptivity in us is deeper than all depravities or culturally instilled limitations—buried and slumbering perhaps, but forever there, waiting for us to wake up.


This workshop will give you an immediate experience of Divine freedom, joy and beauty. It is very simple. First listen to the God Is audio meditation below. It expresses the Divine Qualities accompanied by luminous music and a joyful diversity of sound effects.

The first time, just sit quietly and soak it up.
Please find a quiet space and put on your earphones.
The music is by Anugama. Click here to visit his web site.
Now either listen to it again right away, or give it some time and come back to it. As you listen the second time actively respond to what you hear by expressing to God how you feel about these qualities of Life. In other words, establish communication. Gratitude is the secret of open spiritual receptivity and happiness. Give thanks, talk to God as a child would, very simply—tell the Giver of Life, Love, beauty and freedom that you Love these qualities and the Divine Oneness, for that is the real nature of God—harmonious Oneness in Love.
And that is to Love God and to allow God to Love you—for God is Love. Only by Love working in your heart can you catch the vision of the freedom and beauty of the Divine. It is this freedom, Love and beauty that can make you joyful and inspire you as you go through your own process of growing more constantly free.

Without Love there can be no real freedom, and without spiritual freedom there can be no real Love. The two go hand in hand. So allow a sense of gratitude—which is the voice of Love— to arise from the deep free place in you. Even if it is weak and surrounded with doubt and pain, let a little stream of it flow. Use the God Is audio meditation again and again to carry you along until you are strong enough to flow spontaneously in Love and gratitude yourself.
The essence of worship is drinking in the Divine Love and returning it. It is a free circulation of mutual Love from your heart to the Great Heart. We Love because we are being loved by limitless Love... Love to the billionth power. We are talking about the Source of the entire Universe. How much can you accept? Just whisper these words, "I love you because you love me... I love you. Thank you God. I love you..." Let it flow. Worship is an intimate love affair with God. As Love flows, Love blesses, for Love is wisdom, Light, and healing joy. "There is so much power in those three little words... "I love you."
The Divine is the fountain of Love, beauty and spiritual freedom. Yet we all have inner resistance to the Divine nature. It comes from negative, turned around energy within us: anger, blame, shame, etc. and false concepts from religion. All the IHC workshops and resources (including the Beingloved, Wild Christ, One Fresh Minute and Seeds of Love websites) are designed to help you outgrow these negative qualities so your inner energy is free and flows in health and inspiration. Explore, try different IHC workshops listed on the Info Tent Page. They are freely offered to help you.

And come back here and keep washing in this God Is meditation. Keep reaffirming this vision and stay in touch with the grace of these sacred Life Qualities. You will find your Life assisted by the high and Holy Divine in countless little miracles of Love.
The I Am Audio Workshop
goes hand in hand with this one. Freely affirm True Being within you, the essence of all that is beautiful and good.
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