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The Lord's Prayer
When the west rediscovers the Aramaic Christ untold spiritual riches will pour out upon the world.
No one has done what Jesus did and the potential liberating influences for humanity have only been scratched.
Jesus spoke, thought and taught in Aramaic. This ancient language had limited vocabulary and one word often had many potential meanings. This allowed a great poetic freedom in the language rather than an exacting and literal usage.
An ancient spiritual practice was to consider all the possible meanings of a spiritual teacher in the same way you would ponder a poem.
This page presents the Beatitudes of Jesus as they could be translated from the Aramaic, revealing something of the deep, mystic, meanings of the sayings of this young teacher whose words and actions transformed the world.

They give you a sense of the expansive, all embracing heart of Christ, contrary to the exclusive representations of Him by many forms of traditional Western Christianity.
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Blessed are those who are resting in the round, fluid enclosure of Spirit for theirs is the ability and opportunity in a Universe filled with the One breath of Life.

Blessed are those who grieve for what they long for, for they shall return to see the face of what they desire as they are united by Love.

Healthy are those who have softened what was unnaturally rigid within, who have liquefied all moral heaviness and the interior pain of unfulfilled desires for they shall be open to God working through all creation.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, who watch eagerly by lamplight during the night for the justice of what is naturally stable, straight and true, for they shall be enriched by birthing.

Attuned with the ONE and healthy are those who birth compassion from the womb of their innermost being, for they shall feel its warm arms embrace them.

Healthy and happy are those with a consistent, electrifying purpose radiating from their expansive heart of Love, for they shall see the One Great Love everywhere.

Blessed are they who are committed in their actions to produce health, happiness and mutual harmony for they shall become living fountains of God.

Blessed are those who feel dislocated because of their commitment to what is straight, fair, upright and true, for their new home is in the royalty and power of the Light of the Universe.

Blessed are you who are misrepresented, misunderstood, reviled and shamed, being labeled as immature and corrupt for my sake…

Do everything to the extreme, drink the joyous wine that makes your ego disappear, for your expanded abundance is great in the realms of Light, for so they shamed those whose ecstatic visions produced outwardly what they held so richly within.
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