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Blessing is a term that comes from the old Hebrew. It means to bestow Divine favor, goodness, healing and Love upon another. To be blessed is a happy, peaceful, illuminated state of being. To be blessed again and again and again is the pathway into expansive joy and spiritual freedom.

This workshop will give you tools to open and bless yourself daily, for you being wide open and blessed leads to a life of overflowing blessing. As you are blessed it is the natural instinct of Love to pass the blessing on, to share it with others. This greatly increases your joy and unites you with others in a way that only blessing can do. Blessing each other leads to Love-filled, joyful relationships and a growth in Compassion, the most mature expression of Love.

Blessing, when regularly practiced, gets stronger and freely overflows in countless ways. It brings mental and emotional healing and can cause rapid physical healing as well. Being blessed and blessing makes you as radiantly happy as you are designed by the God of limitless Love and beauty to be.


Blessing is Divine Life flowing through us, so pause right now, and just ask God to make you an instrument of His Life and to open you up to all the blessings of His/Her Spirit. (Ruah, or Spirit in Hebrew is feminine). Then give thanks in advance. That is the language of openness and confident trust in God. See if that doesn't bless you already.

Hands, head and heart are the main channels for blessing. You hands can channel and focus the spiritual energy of Love. You can develop hand sensitivity through the following exercise.

Hold out your hands in front of your stomach with the palms facing each other. Simply feel the sensation of your hands. You may become aware that you are thinking about your hands rather than just sensing them. Each time you realize this let your attention run from your mind down your arms and back into your hands. Just feel them.

How do you know your hands are there, before
you, without looking at or imagining them?

As you move your attention to that place in you that is aware of the sensation of your hands rather than the idea of them, you may feel them tingling or burning. Stay with this. It may take a bit of concentration at first for it is a shift from our familiar patterns of awareness. These shifts are what opening new awareness is about.


After you feel the energy presence of your hands bring them closer to each other without touching and feel the presence of one hand with the other. You may feel a very subtle pressure, a warmth, or even heat.
Now breathe in slowly and deeply as you bring your hands closer together and as you breathe out expand them out with the simple intention to expand open the energy between your hands. Do this rhythmically, breath and movements working together. The energy feels very subtle at first. The point is to develop your natural sensitivity in a relaxed and alert state. Breathe in, hands move closer, condensing the energy; breathe out, hands expand the energy out.

The "soft spot" at the top of your head is a vitally important area of spiritual receptivity. This will open up your receptivity to spiritual blessing.

Hold your hands over your head. Feel for an energy presence between your hands and the top of your head. Sense the top of your head with your attention. You can imagine a ball of white light above you. Slowly open your hands, then bring your hands in closer: open, then closer, moving slowly, rhythmically. Do this 7 times, feeling, sensing. Speak your intention in your heart. Use your own words for it. Find the words that feel "real" to you.

I open my entire being to Love.
I surrender to you, beautiful God of Love.

And again, simply ask to be flooded and filled with the flowing Spirit of blessing. And give thanks. Asking and thanking are one action.

Breath adds to your concentration and sense of flow. It can amplify the effects. As you breathe imagine your breath physically moving through your body, flowing like water.

Put your hands over your head. Now breathe in from your stomach and imagine the breath rising up through your body, up through your arms to your hands. Now as you breathe out, let the flow of Spirit pour out through your hands to supercharge the area over the top of your head. Repeat this 7 times. Rest your arms, then do it again.

Now slowly breathe out and bring your hands down over the front of your body, as if you were drawing a wave of Love down through you. Feel with your entire body as your hands pass over you. Let your arms rest for a few moments in your lap, then slowly inhale as you bring them back up, drawing energy up through your body to the top again. Do a few more opening movements over the top of your head, hands closer as you inhale, expanding open as you exhale. If you feel inner resistance, just let it be for now. Move forward with your intention. If you quickly become aware of the increasing energy, remember, this energy is Love. It is the breath of Life that is older than the stars and eternally fresh. It is an incredible gift. Just drink it in. Surrender to it.

As your sensitivity increases you may at times feel light headed as you work on opening this area. Don’t be concerned. Just draw the energy down through your body.You can imagine it running out your feet as shining water. The point is to open your receptivity and then to circulate the energy freely through you--focused by your clear intention and aided by breath--letting your body drink in this "Water of Life".

Now we will move the breath of Life through our body, letting every cell drink it in.

1. After opening up the top of you head and drawing the Spirit down through you, as you breathe in bring one hand up slowly from your stomach to your face with the palm of your hand close to your body. See if you can sense your hand’s energy presence with your body. The face is very sensitive, so you will feel it there easily. Then exhale and move this hand back down, palm facing body as you move the other hand up, very slowly, from your stomach area, breathing deeply. Lift your elbow as you lift your arm.

When the hands meet, the hand moving up passes under the hand moving down. Move them up and down until the top hand is over the face and the lower over your pelvic area. Then reverse them. Keep a constant movement. Do this at least 7 times, very slowly and just feel with your hands and whole body. Keep breathing slowly and rhythmically but without drawing your attention to your breath. Keep feeling. This movement opens a free and balanced flow of Spiritual Life through your body’s energy system and is very stimulating and powerful. People have been healed of physical ailments just through this exercise.


When you are finished it is nice to bring a sense of closure to the session. One ancient way is to fold your hands over your heart and just honor the silent Presence within you and all Creation as a way of giving thanks for this step towards being wide open to Love and flowing in the river of constant blessing.

Once you feel good about your progress with these first three exercises, then you are ready to move ahead to pouring the blessing out and sharing it with others—but take your time. Enjoy the process.
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