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This is a very short, simple and incredibly powerful workshop. You don't need a lot of words, only these keys. If you do them, creative faith will be generated in you and everything will start shifting in your life.

Please realize, we create our life experience through these things:

1. Beliefs: ideas that stick because we accept them as true. They become foundational focus points for the elaborate idea and thought structures that develop in our minds. We then "see life" through the veils of these internalized belief systems.

2. Love and Desire: what your are attracted to, and why. As the moth is drawn to the flame, so your attention (life) is drawn to what you love and desire.

3. Imagination: we tend to imagine what we believe, love and desire. Imagination is the creative power of Life. Think about it, every creation of mankind has come through imagination. Life, in a very real way, is a creative expression of imagination.

5. Feelings: emotion is the moving power of Life. If you feel something deeply, it moves you to respond. When deep feeling moves you into the creative process of recreating your life by recreating your heart, powerful Universal forces are released.

6. Actions: we express in time and space what we believe and imagine, what is drawing our attention and moving us.

Christ put it this way, "What you bind on earth is bound in heaven; what you set free on earth is set free in heaven." We create within our hearts both the limitations and freedom we come to experience .

Every one of us, without exception, is wholly creative. We are creating the dynamics and qualities of our lives. We are asleep in our minds, unaware of how powerfully the creative functions of our lives are causing our life experiences and how we interpret them. Freedom ONLY COMES by waking up from the victim mode which means, I have no power over what is happening to me, and taking full responsibility for our lives as privileged co-creators with the One Great Creative Power of existence lying at the Source of our Being. This Creative power is Infinite, Pure Love.

Love is the highest expression of health, harmony, creative freedom, goodness and happiness. We are Love in our Divine essence, at the core of our existence. That's why Love draws us so powerfully when we are not blocked by fear. Love is the creative law of Life. Let Love have its way in and through you and you will become true to your greatest potential, your real essential nature, and to the Great Love that is expressed in wholeness and Life-giving harmony—the supreme goal of Creation.

Take these keys to your heart and practice them. Take time to understand. This state of Creative Faith energizes you with the power that Creates and sustains the Universe if you enter it fully.

Answer these questions:
a. How far do you want to go?
b. How free do you want to be?
c. How willing are you to be transformed: to stop your loyal and habitual attachment to misery and be done with it?
d. How willing are you, for the sake of Love and all happiness, to become your truest, most Life-giving self for your own sake and the sake of every person you will ever meet?

If you feel a passion to take this journey of Creative Faith in order to manifest your deepest, most heart-felt dreams, then the only teacher you actually need is at the source of your own Being. As you turn each key given you in this workshop doors will open and this teacher will teach you. This is not about knowledge alone, it is about your creative, transformative experience. Do it, do it, do it and manifest your highest purpose for being!


1. GOD is Love, desire, imagination and feeling. Think this through. Take time to realize this: Love, desire, imagination and feeling are the creative powers of the Universe. God is Love, desire, imagination and feeling IN YOU. You don't have to fully believe this right now. Just try it, test it, prove it for yourself. The infinite Divine Being, as Love and freedom, will creatively happen in and through you as you do.

2. Know what you love and desire on your deepest level. Know your values; define your dreams. Become focused and clear. God is dreaming in you whether you know it or not. Ask for the Divine dream to arise in you. Let God be free. Don't put Divine reality in your religious boxes. Don't dream someone else's dream because you think they are right. Let what is genuine to your own soul arise through Love from the center of your being.

a. Write down all you most deeply cherish and value and why.
b. Write down the specific dreams you have, all you most want to be, have and do, in order to manifest these values in the world. Call this writing, My Dream and Purpose. Keep it where you can review it often. Be clear!

3. Realize that what comes to pass comes from what is loved, desired, imagined and felt AS ALREADY FINISHED: past tense. Everything comes into being from an ideal realm where everything is full and finished NOW. Christ said, "It is finished." The beautiful world to be already is in the Spiritual, or causal realm. Be willing to move into a state of fully accepting that who you want to be and what you want to accomplish and have already are—because God is dreaming all this in you—and God is the ultimate REAL in the eternal NOW. Therefore, move beyond desire based in need, (wanting what you don't have, WHICH IS A FORM OF NEGATIVE FAITH, "I DON'T HAVE, I NEED"), to the creative process of manifesting what you already are and already have on the highest level of Divine potential—a potential waiting to be expressed through your creative faith.

4. Imagine your desire done, KNOW IT IS DONE IN GOD, and let feelings naturally conform to imagination. Imagine in concrete, sensual detail that makes it very inwardly real. DAY DREAM IT LIKE A CHILD. See it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste it. Feel it! Love it! PLAY IN IT. Enter the JOY! Soak it in completely. Saturate your inner being with how it feels to already have all you dream.

Jump out of time in your inner being into the eternal power of creative faith. Make a bridge from here INTO DIVINE POTENTIAL NOW in your imagination and emotions. You don't have to do this constantly. You only need to do it for short spurts.

5. Repeat it. After you allow yourself to fully imagine and feel the full joy of the fulfillment of your dream(s), take a break, then desire and imagine until you feel it fully again. The greater the exaltation, the more real it is to your deep heart.

Then rest in thankfulness; stop all need-driven effort; release your dream from the grip of anxious effort for it is already done. Once a woman receives the seed, new Life has begun. She doesn't need more seed. You are going to simply and thankfully watch God freely working in mysterious and wondrous ways to manifest what you know is real in Love, desire, imagination and feeling.

Don't ask how it will be manifest. It already EXISTS, so how can you ask how? Don't ask when. It already is. So how can you ask when? Leave that to God.

6. During the vision’s gestation period, practice affirmations of confidence and gratitude: "It is finished! How wonderful! Thank you! This is so great!" This is the language of Creative Faith in action. Flood yourself with the reality being born through you. Grow into being sure this process is real. Here are some powerful things you can do to continue to make it real in your heart:

a. Create images through drawings, paintings, photoshop, collages, etc. that express your dream being now. Put them up. Look at them often. See yourself in them.
b. Write articles from the position of already being and having your dream. Tell a newspaper how you arrived at where you are. Work from the state you imagine yourself now to be backwards to where you are now in the circumstances of time, and explain everything you did to prove these keys of manifestation that allowed your dreams to unfold.
c. Share this workshop with others. Share your process with others who understand and will support you. Support each other by seeing each other already fully manifesting your dreams. In your imagination, invite your family and friends into your fulfillment. Imagine their joy, what they say, how they respond.
d. Write down affirmations: keep writing your dream and what it feels to have it and be it. Write, write, write. Imagine vividly. This makes it very real to your heart.
e. Express it: shout it when you take walks by yourself; sing it, make up songs of thankfulness and praise for all you are and are accomplishing; dance it—celebrate it in every way. Invite your friends who are supportive over and have a party. Stop being a slave of the limitations of your senses and circumstances. Exercise the creative power of your growing faith. Yes!

8. Don't look for signs. Don't be moved by circumstances. Just continue to generate creative faith through Love, desire, imagination, feeling and gratitude. You are transforming from someone who has no power to one who has prevailed with God, who is manifesting divine, creative attributes through the infinite mercy and grace that is freely offered you so you may become all you can be.

When anxieties arise from the non-creative realms of physical sense limited reason and memory patterns of the past, ask yourself, "How does it feel that…" and voice your vision as already done. "How does it feel that I am..." or "How does it feel that I have..." or "How does it feel that..." Then let yourself feel it again and rejoice in it.

Please realize: once your imagination and feeling take on the FULL SENSE OF REALITY, nothing can stop the outward manifestation, for what is creatively real within becomes real without. This is a law of Life and real as gravity or any other natural law.

Keep releasing it. Surrender open. Watch God manifest the creative powers of Life in you working through Love, desire, imagination and feeling. Watch God birth more Love, more Light, more goodness into your world through the unique soul you are connected to the One Life we all most truly are. You do your part, and don't take responsibility for God's part. You cannot manipulate time. Release the process from your anxious desire for control. You must set it and thus yourself free. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS!

10. Don't be surprised with the countless deaths this birthing process causes in you. This process is real transformation. It will free you from egoistic control, false identity, power trips, anxiety and manipulation. They will all come up in order to be purified away. Have courage. This birth happens through many little deaths of your false self as your True, trusting, relaxed and open Being is born.

Let Life happen its own way and time. Let the miracle unfold through all the unexpected ways that shows you this Law of Life is real.
God comes through the unknown and unexpected areas, blowing our minds with all the little miracles, the people we meet, the doors that open, the amazing timing as you inwardly grow and become more free. Are you ready?


This entire process is the miracle of Life in action. It is how Life's creative manifestation works to tranform and liberate you. Enter in. Be a free person: create your highest, most Life-filled and loving Soul and dreams. Be pregnant with New Creation. Stay with it. Be one of the ones who breaks through and experiences the Divine Law of Creative Faith in action. Bless yourself and us all with your liberation.


1. God is Love, desire, imagination and feeling. The Divine creatively works through Love-born desire, illuminated imagination and intense feeling.

2. Know what you love and desire on your deepest level. Write it down. Be clear and focused.

3. Realize that what comes to pass comes from what is loved, desired, imagined and felt AS ALREADY FINISHED: past tense.

4. Imagine your desire done and just allow your feelings to naturally conform to your imagination. Saturate your inner being with how it feels to already have all you dream. Create an inner "knowing that is independent of circumstances. Free yourself from bondage to the circumstances of time.

5. Let it go, rest, then repeat it and release it again.

During the vision’s gestation period, practice affirmations of confidence and gratitude

. Don't look for signs. Don't be moved by circumstances. You do your part, and don't take responsibility for God's part. You cannot manipulate time, but you can co-create with the One who is master of Creation through Love, desire, imagination and feeling.

Surrender all anxiety and sense of control. Watch God manifest the creative powers of Life. Observe the miracle unfold through all the unexpected ways that show you this Law of Life is real.

10. Allow real death of your ego based anxious, controlling nature and your deep, true Being of Life, Light, Love and relaxed confidence in the God of Life to emerge. This is actually about your transformation through the process of Creative Faith. Become who you actually are in the deepest essence and nature of your Being in Life, your true Self in Love.

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