What is creativity? I would define it as the free play of Life birthing new expressions. Life is a creative happening, and we are all creative by nature. Within us is Pure Life, just underneath the constraints of negative self-image and insecurity… Life is who we are. When we are most open and genuinely in touch with our true living essence we are joyful and instinctively expressive of newness, humor and beauty: in other words, creatively free.

It is a profound reality that Life’s highest expression is that of creative play. The Universe is full of the play of creative energies: it is a wild extravaganza of continual creation. How would you feel about God if you knew that the Highest power of Creation is unconditional Love, limitless freedom, creative inspiration, pure beauty and joyous play? Wouldn't that be really good news?

What is play? It is what Life does when unconstrained by fear. It is the imaginative freedom to turn things around, upside down, and inside out in order to create new expressions. And in the beauty of Love it is the union of Love’s kindness and joy’s humor working to make Life good and beautiful for all. In this workshop we will focus on how to harmonize ourselves with the inherent creativity of Life — that we are!
Imagination is our God-given ability to visualize beyond our immediate sense input. Everything mankind has made began as an imaginative image or concept. Imagination births things.

We all have amazing imaginations. We might not recognize it, but this is true. Some of us can visualize more clearly than others, but that doesn't matter. Use what you have and more will be given. It can grow more alive by practice.

Imagine you are driving along in a funny little yellow car. It has a strange steering wheel that is like a chocolate donut and a little lever to the right that says "UP." As you drive down the highway pull on the "UP lever. Now you are driving straight up into the sky. Enjoy the view. Watch the white clouds drifting by. Say hello to birds. Now push on the gas and you zoom out into the blackness of space — just you and your bright little yellow car. Now drive right by the moon (say hello moon,) and on to the sun. Reach out and take the sun in your hand. Now put it on a lollypop stick. Ah, you have a delicous sun sucker. Put it in your mouth. It lights your head up like a light bulb. Enjoy it. It tastes like a lemon drop.

Now drive back to the earth, fast. Head right into the middle of the Pacific ocean and splash in. Drive right down to the bottom of the sea in your little car. Enjoy the view. Say hello to the fish swimming by. See all the bubbles. Now there is a huge man eating shark. It comes right up to your window and bumps its nose against the glass. It wants in to eat you.

Open the window and say hello. As the shark comes up, touch it on the nose with your bright sun sucker. With a flash of light and shower of sparkles it turns into a cute little white kitten. Now you are suddenly in a beautiful medow full of flowers with your new friend. Put the kitten down. It turns into a huge Polar Bear and you jump on. You are riding the white bear through the bright flowers. The flowers are made of paint and splash their colors all over the bear. The further it walks the more colorful it gets.

It walks up to a huge white canvass. You get off and take big handfuls of pure color out of the fir of the bear and smear the color all over the canvass. It is wonderful fun. You dance around rubbing the canvass with your hands then throwing pure color all around. You rub your body against the bear and then against the canvass. You are creating a wild painting just by playing.
You see, we all have imagination. You can't read without it. We use it constantly, often trying to fix our feelings of insecurity. Don't we often imagine what other people are thinking about our appearance or what we say or do? We use it every time we make plans: projecting what will happen. We all have imagination. Let's use it for fun and to grow more alive and happy. Let's be playful.

Play is for its own sake. There is no focus on results. You don't even care if other people like it. You just do it for the joy of doing it. And you imagine just to exercise your gift of imagination so it can grow.

Joy is the sign of true play. Play until you can pass beyond the ego's agenda to do something that will impress others. Forget it. Make a mess just for the fun of it, then throw it away. That is play.

IMAGES: Get a pencil and a blank paper. Think of something you feel stuck with in your life: a fear or troublesome habit. Give it an image and draw the image with your opposite hand… That's right, no left, I mean that's correct: the opposite hand than you write with. By drawing with your opposite hand you become very primitive and child-like. Just feel how awkward it is, but keep your hand moving. Express something you don't like in an image. Go ahead!

Have you done it? When you are done draw a transformed image… Quickly. Tranform what you drew into something you feel good about. Remember, have no concern for how good these drawings are. Just play with the images.

Just reading about this may give you information, but doing it gives you experience. Experience is what we are after. That is where the good stuff happens. So, give it a try: pencil, paper, go...

This little exercise not only loosens you up, but also gets you working with the language of your deep mind which is imagery and feeling. By using the free power of imagination to create and transform images you are giving your deep mind messages, ones you would like to give it, such as, you are free to be creative without criticism, and, I will work with you to transform the fear I am drawing an image of into courage. This freedom to change things is foundational to becoming creatively inspired and free. Don't worry, you will grow freer at the same time you are getting more creative. The two go together. So don't wait until you are free. Grow there by doing.

WORDS: Now we will use words. By using both images and words we fill our whole brain with creative juice.

Look at the images you just made and QUICKLY write down 4 words that come to mind. Now QUICKLY write a 4 line poem using these 4 words, one in each line. If you do it quickly you bipass your critical part of your brain that wants to do something "good" others will like and thus give you approval. Make a bad poem. Go ahead. Be a little wild with it too. It doesn't have to even make sense. Use your imagination and play.

Here is an example...

4 words: sun, dog, thunder, sea

I ran away from the persistent sun
because it was as hot as a small dog's bark
until I came to the edge of thunder
that rumbled in the inconstant sea.
I used them as the last word in the lines, but you can put them anywhere. Once you have something down, now you can work with it, perhaps you will change everything before you are done and not even use those words, but it got things moving. That's the point. It is like priming the old hand pumps to get the water flowing. Rewriting is usually where the real learning and fun comes in anyway.

Rewrite #1

Ah the sassy, milky sun
hot as a dog's bark, sweet as cream,
is a silent hot thunder of delight,
like the sea of your smile, or a kiss.

Rewrite #2

Ah, the sassy white sun,
sharp as a dog's bark
or thunder's dark edge,
rumbles through your kiss.

A little exercise like this gets your right brain working. Most people are stuck in their left brain's control room. We live in a left brained world mostly imagined by businessmen. Creativity flows from the right brain which processes information completely differently then the left. Exercise your right hemisphere and amazing insight will start coming to you. The Universe can be partially understood by the left brain, but most of the wisdom and beauty of Creation flows to us in right brained leaps of insight, spiritual revelations, and a powerful sense of the interconnection of everything. This is where the creative juice of Life flows through.

Inspiration comes from the Source of Existence, and it flows to us through:

1. Our openness to the miracle of Life.
2. Our intention to pass the good stuff on to others (aka Love).
3. Our awareness of those elements of Life that we are either strongly drawn to or strongly dislike. Know your values!

Make it a habit to make notes of things that draw your attention. Creativity is just connecting together some of the things you are strongly aware of and expressing in them in new ways: in words, or sounds, or images, or forms... or even movement such as dance. Gather symbols of what you love and what you hate and you will have powerful sources of inspiration.

Play is pretending. You imagine something is happening and play a part. This kind of play is often how great inventions are discovered and works of art are born. This is also how you can grow past your habitual limitations. Here is one idea: for 1 hour today pretend that you just dropped into this world from another one that is very different: with a different colored sky, different ways of traveling, differrent sounds and smells, different plants and creatures, different shaped beings. You have no idea what this world called Earth is like. You only know it is completely different. Walk around and discover it.

Through this kind of play you can reawaken your innate sense of innocent wonder, and through this will naturally pour fresh creative inspiration. Innocence is the door to purity of being: pure sight, pure sounds, pure feelings, pure attractions... Life as it is, beyond our mental/emotional coloring of it, is utterly pure Existence. Play yourself back into the pure essence of Life as it really is, beyond your mental conditioning. The real world is utterly astonishing, wildly mysterious, and delicious!

Memories are a rich source of inspiration. Celebrate your memories. Let them come alive in creative freshness. Also, if you work creatively with your memories you can bring powerful healing to yourself. What happened to you happened: you can't change that, but... your interpretation of it can change. And the moment you interpret your experience differently, you change.

For example, my adolescent sexual awakening was a traumatic experience. The effects of this have followed me my whole life. Recently I rewrote my experience with an entirely different perspective. I gave myself the joy and acceptance my deep developmental needs required. It was a beautiful healing. The story just flowed. Who said you have to stick with your familiar interpretations of your life that were probably formed in a traumatized state? Do you want to grow? Growth is newness, so... birth new interpretations creatively. Rewrite your past in order to fulfill your deep true growth needs. Keep your feet on the ground. You are not pretending that what happened to you didn't really happen. That is sickness. You are accepting what happened completely with a new, healthier interpretation. No matter what happend to us, it can work strength, wisdom and compassion in our character if we interpret it in a creative and Life-giving way. Love yourself enough to do it: and you will find stories spilling out of you because your heart as been longing for an interpretation that releases Love, positive self worth and dignity instead of doubt, fear, resentment, regret and other forms of self-crippling limitation.

Celebration is how we mark a special person, place or occasion. To celebrate is to transform Life into joy. Celebrate your experience creatively. Memorialize your story, for that's what your life is, you know, a story you are writing for Life. Celebrate the small, ordinary things of your daily life. Mark what draws your attention with a poem or story, an image or song. Make up a dance for it, or a new dish. Celebrate people: this is a powerful way to Love. How would you like it if someone celebrated you in a carefully worked poem or painting, a sculpture, dance or song? This is a powerful way to deeply honor those you love. What a gift you can give a child, or a grandparent, or your good friend, or your beautiful life-mate by celebrating them in little, thoughtful, creative ways. What you create is worth so much more than what you can buy, for it holds a part of you. You are giving yourself to others in all you make to honor what is important to your life.

And if you love God, celebrate God. Make God beautiful to yourself and others. Reflect the beauty of this astonishing world. Imagine the beauty of a trillion new worlds in the 100 billion galaxies. Imagine deathless beings of heart stopping beauty in higher realms. The sources of inspiration are endless: especially if you imaginatively play with all the elements of Life. Don't just paint a blue sky, paint a green one with pink trees and yellow mountains. Break the patterns and, paradoxically, you will better discover the beauty of what is. Once you paint a green sky, you will always treasure the gift of a blue one. It is kind of like that.
Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. But if you work with it, it is enough to get your juices flowing. Your process of doing will birth new ideas. Work with those inspirations and they will birth more and more. Creativity is a constantly flowing river. Jump in.

The Inner Healing Center has so many workshops to help you open wide to the miracle of Life and to unblock your inner being you so the harmony and goodness of real Love flows into and through your Life. The natural result of inner opening is that Life's true nature inspires you with creative juices. No one can teach you awareness of the miracle that you are, or that Life really is: it is something that wakes up in you as you get unblocked. We harmonize with this beautiful work, this gift, this amazing opening of Life by our simple intention that goes something like this: I choose to open; or I choose to be more alive and aware; or I choose to be free; or I choose to be full of Love; or I am committed to inspire others... Any one will do. Or make up your own. Let it come from your heart. You will resonate with the wild God of extravagent Life!

Life will become so mysterious and beautiful to you as you open to the highest, purest level of your being that you will find a natural passion springing up to share this wonder with others. This instinct to share beautiful things is a deep source of creative inspiration. It is called Love, and that is the highest, wisest, most creative expression of Life we can live.

And you are, in your truest self, a reflection of this wildly creative Divine Nature.

Ask the Wild Artist to make you more like Him, or Her.
Artists love to inspire others. The God of Life will inspire you, amaze you, spangle you with beauty... no doubt about it.
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