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Dance can be both a fiery and sensitive way to open your self wide to Life and Love.This workshop gives you specific progressions to dance your way through stuck energy in your body and discover deeper levels of yourself

All of the dances can be done by yourself with powerful healing effect, but sharing these dance progressions with others is a wild and deeply healing experience, and if you want to put together a group dance you will never forget the experience.

There are also family dances. Turn off the TV, clear the room, put on the music and dance together. The children will love it.

There is also a healing dance for those couragous souls who suffer chronic physical pain.
General Guidelines:
1. Music: if you have a computer with a CD burner you can put together a flow of your favorite music that you feel fits the moods that are listed for each dance. If not, take some time to choose music from different CD's or tapes and make a play list. You may need to stop and change the music between each section, but that is ok.

2. Surrender to your body. Feel into the energy of the music and your movement without intention to impress anyone or judge how good or bad you think you dance. Follow your own body rhythms deeper into yourself. Use body movement to surrender your heart open.

3. Breathe deeply as you dance. Draw Life into you with every breath. Breath your feelings out and let them fill the room.

4. Pain: If your body has pain or stiffness, be gentle with it, but don't be afraid to move these areas as well. In most cases, gentle repetitive movement with deep breathing loosens up old stuck energy, elongates and aligns muscle fibers and works good healing.
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Dance #1: Free Dance

INTENTION: To open a free flow of body energy and to detach from familiar self judgments.
Time: You decide.

This is a simple exercise. Put on music that really moves you, that seems to penetrate into your soul. Dance freely to it. Surrender to your body's movements. Move past the rational mind into pure rhythmic motion. Let your feelings freely arise and flow through you. Be aware of any self-judgments that arise, welcome them, and then just let them flow by. Simply surrender and dance.

Dance 2: Surrender to Love

To break through resistance and to open fully to Love, no matter what!
This dance has 4 parts, each with a different mood of music.
Time: Around 15 minutes or more.

1. Dance Your Intention.
Mood: energetic.
Dance your intention to live fully in Love. Say your purpose to yourself and dance it. Let your movements fully express your determined intention. If you are still looking for your own words for this intention, experiment with different words and phrases that come up from your heart and see how they feel as you dance.
2. Dance Your Heart's Longings.
Mood: slow, soulful.

Now dance your deepest longings. What do you want more than anything in life? Dance it. Why do you want this? Go deeper. Dance it. Dance as a prayer for these longings to be fulfilled. Open your heart and dance it.
3. Breaking Through Resistance and Freeing Your Will.
Mood: energetic.
Now dance to feel your resistance to your longings. Let your fears and doubts, your past discouragement, your grief or anger, or whatever it is that blocks your trust that these longings can be fulfilled come up. Dance them up. Feel the resistance fully. Don't be afraid. Look at resistance to your new freedom and blooming wholeness for what it is, only old feelings and ideas that you no longer need, that can get unstuck and pass away. If you feel strong resistive feelings, then dance a No to these feelings. Realize the freedom of your will. You are not a slave to emotions or crippling ideas. Break through them with your intention. Break through the resistance. Be wild. Dance it.
4. Full Surrender.
Mood: slow, soulful.
Dance your surrender again to your intention and your longings. Dance your Yes to Life and Love. Dance your celebration of all Love is doing and will do in your being. Be wilder. Dance thanksgiving. Dance praise. Dance it.
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Dance 3: Spirit Dance

To experience all the levels of your being.
Time: Around 1 Hour

This dance is a powerful experience. It is designed for couples or groups, but you can also dance it alone to heal your relationship with yourself. Find music that matches the mood described as closely as possible and that lasts about as long as suggested. The musical moods are an important part of this experience, so give this some thought and find music that you really love.

If you dance in a group the only rule is to honor each other. Express yourself freely, but allow them the freedom to dance away from you if they are uncomfortable. Don't force anything and don't hurt anyone.

If you are a couple: go for it.

1. Animal Dance
Mood: Wild Drums; African; Powerful beat.
Time: 4 to 6 minutes
Dance as if you were a gorilla. Beat your breast. Move like a gorilla. Confront others as you feel a gorilla would.

If you are alone: be a gorilla alone. Enjoy being wild and crazy. Why not?

2. Ugly Faces
Mood: Still wild.
Time: 3 to 5 minutes
Make ugly faces at each other. As ugly as possible.

If you are alone, make ugly faces at yourself in the mirror. Go ahead. Do it even though it seems really silly. Trust this process.

3. Sexy Dance
Mood: Sexy Rock and Roll
Time: 4 to 6 minutes
Dance as you would in a club. Let go. Feel sexy. Let it out. Just enjoy it.

4. Encountering the Person
Mood: Lots of energy, but more soulful (Middle Eastern, etc.)
Time: 4 to 5 minutes
Now add more heart. Dance to encounter the person more fully you dance with. If in a group, move from person to person as you feel. Be free. Follow your body completely.

If you are alone dance to feel yourself: feel yourself in your body movements and emotions; be fully present to yourself.

5. Going Deeper
Mood: Slower. More soulful than the last one.
Time: 5 to 6 minutes.
If in a group, dance to feel the masculine or feminine presence of the person before you. Dance without preference of whom you dance with. Feel into the person. Move with them and let them move with you. Be intuitive.

If you are alone be aware of your breath moving into your body as you move. Let your breath move into different parts of your body. Concentrate on one part of your body at a time. Move it to the music. Feel it.

6. Passion and Longing
Mood: As soulful as you can get.
Time: 5 to 6 minutes
Dance alone. Feel your longing for Love. Open your heart and dance your desire for happiness, for the world to be happy and at peace. Allow your deep feelings to arise.

7. Deeper Tenderness
Mood: Very tender, slow music.
Time: 7 to 10 minutes
Go deeper. Caress each other with your hands as you dance, but without touching. Just move your hands very close over each other's bodies and sense the energy presence of the person. Express love for them. Bless them through your hands. Wish their happiness silently, in your heart. Let your tenderness flow out through movements and expressions.

If you are alone: Caress yourself very tenderly as you dance. Feel your hands move over your body with your whole body. Be innocent. Feel as if you were feeling for the first time. Give yourself all the love you have longed to have. Your body and soul need this. Drink it in.

8. Hand Dance
Mood: Deeply tender, slow music.
Time: 8 to 12 minutes
Slow way down. Close your eyes as much as possible and move around the room. Find someone's hands with yours and let your hands slowly dance together. Move as if you were in slow motion. Really feel their hands with your hands. Make love to them with your eyes closed through your hands.

If you are alone: Let your hands dance together. Feel the tender sensitivity of your hands as if for the first time. Let your hands caress. Bring areas of conflict within yourself into the healing tenderness of your hands and open it all to the infinite tendernesss that is deeper than your feelings.

9. Full Encounter
Mood Meditative music, very slow and simple.
Time: 10 minutes or more
Now move from person to person slowly. Look at each other in the eyes. Feel the person within. Don't try, just breathe deeply, relax and receive them. Feel their uniqueness. Feel whatever arises in their eyes and face. Go deeper. Let your feelings dance with each other only through your eyes. When the music ends, hug each other, share your love, let yourself drink in Love completely.

If you are alone: look at your self in a mirror. See the person looking out through your eyes. See the light of Life in you. Love this person. Promise them you won't judge yourself anymore, that now you forgive yourself completely so this deep, beautiful person can fulfill the reason they have come here into this world. Promise yourself that you will be very kind and patient with yourself so the child of Love, of promise, of wonder in you may be safe to grow into all that you really are.

You can end here or go on to number 10...

10. Meditation
Mood: Meditative music or silence.
Lie down, close your eyes and allow yourself to be Loved completely. Drink love into your body. Surrender. Relax your mind with your breath into Love. Imagine yourelf being washed with Light. Listen. What would infinite Love say to you if it could speak freely through your thoughts? Let it speak.

Dance 4: Free Movement Family Dance

INTENTION: Unity, joy, fun.

Just put on the music and be free and spontaneous. Dance together and apart. Let the whole thing be mad and fun. You can put on wild clothes, pain each others faces and dance to express what others have painted you to look like. If you like, get props like balloons, scarves, stuffed toys. Dance with them.

Make a circle and let each person have a time to dance in the center as the star. Be wild.
Dance 5: Family or Group--Dancing Through Developmental Stages

Developing Healthy Growth Structure in Our Brains

By dancing through developmental stages in a playful way you not only prepare your children's nervous system for the major stages of life, but you bring much healing to yourself concerning your own growth. This can also be a very healing dance to do alone.

1. Baby
Musical Mood: light, happy, lullabies...
Time: 3 to 5 minutes
Everyone be a baby again. Suck your thumb; crawl around. Be silly. Laugh.

2. Early Childhood
Mood: light, happy, playful music.
Time: 4 to 6 minutes
Be a toddler. Explore everything with your hands. Feel each thing fully. Put things in your mouth. Taste them. Feel their shape with your tongue. Be innocent
3. Awakening Social Awareness.
Mood: light, happy...
Time: 4 to 6 minutes.
Look at each other. Feel each other's faces. See each other as if for the first time. Hug. Tickle. Then join hands. Dance together. Celebrate each other.

4. Childhood: Awakening Independence.
Mood: more energetic...
Time: 4 to 6 minutes.
Do your own dance. Feel your own movements. Be crazy. Be free.

5. Adolescence: Awakening Sexual Energy and Self
Mood: rock and roll...
Time: 2 to 4 minutes.
This is a time of awakening sexual energy and a need to explore and discover your own self. Feel your own body, your head, neck, arms, chest, belly, legs, and sexual area. Let the children feel their own bodies all over with their hands so they clearly know that their bodies are good and innocent and you approve of them loving their bodies. Let this be simple, joyous and free. (If you feel fear about doing this dance, take a look at why. Ask yourself what you are afraid of, and remember, whatever we reject out of fear will become Love-starved and twisted and whatever we innocently open to Love will grow healthy.) Then dance wildly as the unique person you are.

6. Adulthood: The Power To Choose.
Mood: energetic
Time: 4 to 6 minutes.
Dance your Yes. Just say yes. Yes to life. Yes to it all. Everyone shouts Yes! and dances their Yes. Then switch to No. Dance your No. Express No. You are free to accept and refuse. No, no, no! Dance your boundaries. Dance No! Then switch back and forth. Dance Yes and Dance No! Let your whole body express this.

7. Adulthood: Maturing in Love.
Mood: slow, soulful
Time: 4 to 6 minutes.
Dance to open your heart. Make slow opening motions with your hands and arms from your heart out into the world. Pretend that you are pouring Love from your heart on each other with your body movements. Surround each other with Love. Dance it.

8. Old Age: Harmony and Peace
Mood: slow, tender
Time: 3 to 5 minutes
Pretend you are all very old. Dance as old people would. Pretend your body is 80 years old. Dance very tenderly. Dance very lovingly. Dance with each other as if you only had a little time left to be here together in this world.
Dance 6: Dancing with Chronic Muscular Pain

: To control pain and bring healing self acceptance
When we are in physical pain every day, our mind tends to distance itself from our body in attempts to filter out the pain. To heal we need to bring our awareness and acceptance fully into our body. Loving awareness fills the body with life and light. This dance will help you break out of rejection patterns into a loving embrace of your complete self.

Of course, there are many different causes for chronic physical pain. If you are in physcal therapy check with your therapist if this dance sequence would be good for you. If you have no one to ask, use your common sense, be responsible, and patient. The risk is in going too fast.

From a legal standpoint I must state that if you decide to do this dance sequence you do so by your own free choice with willingness to take full responsibility for all results and that you will in no way hold IHC, its founders, workshop leaders, or personnel responsible for any injury you might sustain.

1. Warm Up: Put on some music you really like. Start with very slow, repetitive warm up moments of the painful areas to the music with deep, rhythmic breathing. Concentrate on one painful muscle at a time. Feel your breath move into your lungs and imagine that you draw the air right into the muscle as it moves. Feel any pain. Ask yourself, What is pain? Is it really that bad?
2. Massage the painful muscle area as you gently sway to the music. Welcome the pain rather than resenting it which only makes things worse. Pain-filled areas need complete acceptance and tender Love to heal them.
3. Slowly Stretch these areas through gentle movement to the music. Don't stretch to the point of pain. There will be pain, but don't push it. Rather breathe into it and be very gentle and patient. It takes time to open up muscles that are traumatized, tightened and thus oxygen starved.
4. Feel Your Body Completely. Welcome your body. Dance your acceptance of your body just as it is. Let your feelings come up. You may feel a lot of emotional pain. Dance whatever you are feeling. Express your emotions fully in your movements to the music.
5. Open and Surrender. After you have danced your emotions do opening movements with your arms and imagine light moving through your body as you dance and penetrating into the areas of pain with warm, healing Love. The more vividly you can imagine this the better. You are opening deep energetic connections within your being through this simple exercise.
6. Rest. Don't overdue it. Take it a little at a time. This is a long distance race. Go slowly!
7. Drink More Water: Most people are chronically dehydrated which inceases pain levels. We are mostly made of water and our body is completely dependant on a free flow of it through every system. Water has a very healing effect in reducing muscular irretation. Drink 3 liters a day.

A Personal Word: I have suffered chonic back pain from an injury for 40 years. Using these simple methods I personally have come from daily pain levels that were at about 8 or 9 on a scale of 10 down to about 2 to 3.

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This dance is the joy
of existence.
Dance 7: Worship

INTENTION: To Pour Out Your Heart to the Great Love in Love and Thankfulness
Mood: Love, heart, worship, the music that pierces into you.
Time: Timeless

Dance thankfulness. Dance to be fully present. Dance the sun, the moon, the stars. Dance the earth. Dance the seas. Dance the animals and birds. Dance appreciation for the gift of it all. Dance for Love.

Dance thankfulness for thought, for feeling, for imagination. Dance thankfulness for relations, for each person you love. Call them out by name. Dance your heart wide open. Dance for Love.

Dance for children. Dance for young women and old women. Dance for fathers and brothers, sons and friends. Dance for food. Dance for home. Dance for forgiveness. Dance for Love.

Dance for change. Dance for art. Dance for beauty. Dance for all growing things. Dance for tame things. Dance for wild things. Dance for mystery. Dance Love.

Dance your Love to the Source of existence. Dance for grace. Dance the dream of a world at peace. Dance for angels. Dance for great golden beings who Love you. Dance for the radiant person you really are. Dance for nothing, just to dance. Dance Love.
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