The Principle:
What we are most afraid of, our greatest aversion, is part of our karmic bondage. Nothing happens by accedent. The Universe is perfect. All is Cosmic Law being worked out.

1. Feel your greatest fear(s). Write it/them down.

2. Simply accept and realize you are responsible to take the energy out of these things with the help of the Divine. This is why fear has come back to you in this life.

3. Say this prayer from your heart into the Limitless Love and Freedom:
I’m sorry for allowing myself to be so limited by this fear;
Please forgive me;
I Love you.

4. Take time to connect this prayer to the fear. Allow feelings to move. Grief may arise. This is good.

5. When you are ready to let it go think about the sun in the sky. God's forgiveness is as freely offered as sunshine. Can you earn sunshine? Don't try. Trying is crazy-making. Just accept forgiveness for the sake of Love, and fulfilling your highest potential for good, and for the sake of more Love, Light and Spiritual Freedom in the World. This is all about being liberated by Grace... the free gift of gift-giving Love. This is a higher law than Karma. It is the triumph of Love over violated Law. It is a New Creation of Love in action to make us free!

6. Take time to give thanks and accept a new beginning, moving beyond this fear forever. Do movements that express your full acceptance of this grace of forgiveness and release. Dance it into you! Ultimately, is you who are forgiving yourself, for it's a done deal with God. Let it go!

Live In This New Freedom
7. Grow up into your highest potential for good in this world. Every deed of unselfish Love to inspire and bless others, no matter how small, means far more than we can dream.

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