We open to God in the same way a flower opens to the sun. As it takes the sun's light and warmth to open the flower so it takes the Pure Light of Life shining in us, a great warmth of Love softening us, and a sense of real freedom to open our deep heart.

The Divine as pure, innocent Light, limitless unconditional Love, and complete, creative freedom can and will open our heart every time because our deep heart was made for these spiritual realities.

Do you want more Love, joy, laughter, peace, kindness, goodness, creativity, and freedom in your Life? Do you want to be released from fear? Do you want to feel centered in openness and peace? Do you want balance and harmony within your mind, body and life? Do you want to feel intimately connected to the great mystery of Life itself? Then you want God as these qualities opening you.

This is a very simple and short workshop. It is the shortest of them all, because the way to God is the most direct line, the simplest way. Everything else just gets in the way. Keep it super simple!

Every morning when you first get out of bed, open your arms wide towards the sky and just say from your heart something like this:

I open wide: I surrender.
Great Love, fill me with Light.
Flood me with Love.
Make me free.
The exact words you use are not as important as that you say it from your heart . Let your heart speak.

I often use the title Great Love rather than God because many people have too many connotations connected to the name God to get around. How can you open if you don't Love, desire and trust who or what you are opening to? How can you Love desire and trust if your mind is saying, God will put me in a box, or God is not fair, or religious people are hypocrites, or who's God, or I don't even believe in God? So lets move past the obstacles quickly.

Most people don't know that the name God is not from the original language of the Bible. It comes from Teutonic languages and was first used in about the 12th century. It means good. In the Bible it is El or Elohim, or YHWH or Adonai — never God. So, it is not that important to use the name God. What is important is our opening to and experiencing these qualities that shine out of... well, the Great Love:

I surrender to Light.

I surrender to Love.

I surrender to Freedom.

See if thinking of pure, innocent Light, limitless Love and joyous freedom doesn't make it much easier and more heart felt to surrender. Arms wide open, from the heart, "I surrender to Light, I surrender to Love. I surrender to be free! Yes!"

The Pure Light, the Great Love, the Joyous Freedom will honor this and your life will start unfolding just like a flower in the warm sun. Just keep opening. Just keep growing in the Light, Love and Freedom that is forever right here, right now, waiting for our hearts to say Yes and thus to resonate with the Great Yes, the purely positive Life that births all worlds.
Touching the Great Yes EVERY DAY is what changes you over time, and thus changes your part of this Love-hungry world. Be commited, be consistant and see for yourself how Love naturally makes you grow. When we want it enough, we will do it.
Here is another workshop that can really help you move past resistence to being open and free. All the workshops do this in a variety of ways.
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