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A 15 minute life changing spiritual exercise
you can do every morning before you get out of bed.
These exercises bring you into deep inner peace, revitalize your awareness that life is a river of constant change, bring you into the moment, awaken healthy and pleasurable chemistry in your body, work to manifest your deepest heart’s desires and fill you with thankfulness which is essence of happiness. Good stuff!

Each exercise takes about 3 minutes. Don’t watch the clock. Keep your awareness where directed in the exercise. 15 minutes is an estimate. It can be as little as 5 minutes or you could become so engrossed that it lasts an hour. The time is not what is essential rather the quality of your state of being.

Lay on your back and relax. Put your hand on your stomach. Now breathe in slowly and allow your stomach to expand FIRST. Feel your stomach rise under your hand. This is the proper way to breathe. After your stomach has risen your breath will naturally expand your ribs a bit then your chest will rise. There is much more movement in the stomach than ribs or chest. Breathe in to the count of 4 at about the rate of 1 count per second. Again, accuracy of time is not what counts, but that you establish and feel a steady rhythm. When you breathe out allow the chest to fall first then the stomach to draw in and arise at the diaphragm. Feel this with your hand.

Next breath inhale to the count of 5 and exhale to the count of 5. The next 6, then 7, etc. up to the count of 15 in and 15 out. To slow down your exhale you can purse your lips as if you were going to whistle. This gives you more control over the speed of air leaving your body. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

Each breath will get slower, longer and deeper until you reach 15 in and 15 out. Your body will slow down; so will your mind. Just relax into this peace. (As you practice and your lungs open you can go twice this long if you like. Just keep relaxed.)

This breathing opens our awareness of the vital present moment of Life as connected to our mind created sense of future and past, which are good gifts, but which we are too often lost in. For us, Life is happening in the eternal Now, and no where else.

Breathe as in the first exercise but without the counting, just slowly and naturally, stomach first. As you breathe in concentrate on the fact that this breath is happening in the moment of Life. Feel the breath entering your body. You will never breathe this one breath again in this particular circumstance of your life. It is totally unique. Be in it! Be your breath in all its free flowing freedom and freshness. It is the sky moving entering you with its gift of oxygen given by the trees. It is a little wind of Life. Feel its freedom.

Then in the first half of the out breath you will let that breath go, realizing it is over. You are emptying yourself and releasing your body’s toxins in order to receive a whole new, once in a life-time breath. Let the passing one go. That breath you just anticipated then experienced is history now. It is over and gone.

On the second half of the out breath anticipate fully the new next breath. In isn’t happening yet: it is a dim potential about to become your experience. Your whole life depends on it becoming real.

Now enter fully into the present moment of the new in breath of Life. Be it. Enjoy it. Appreciate it fully.

YHWH, the mysterious Hebrew name of God revealed to Moses in the flaming bush, can mean “Will be, being, was…” It is this flow of potential: the “Will be,” becoming the Being, the reality of now, then flowing by into the Was, into our history, our ever developing story.

This exercise allows our breath and body to teach us to let Life happen Now, and simultaneously to let all negativity freely go… which is the essence of self cleansing we call forgiveness. It unites our amazing capacities to dream a future, to help shape it with our faith and desire, then to be fully in it, in the miracle of the happening moment, and then to let it all go so we are empty and open, receptive for the next miraculous moment’s unfolding. This is exactly the way Life actually is. Our happiness can be measured by how much we are in harmony with Life’s realities.

Now we will purposefully create some very positive naturally good body chemistry and circulate it through our entire systems. (If this is new to you, see the Sacred Sex workshop). Continue to breathe slowly and rhythmically as before: as you do with one hand rub your genital and stomach areas softly, moving your hand up to your stomach and back down to genitals in a large circle.

Or you can rub a hand down one thigh, up over the pubic bone and down the other, back and forth. See what works best for you. The goal is a mild stimulation of really good feeling sexual energy.

Once your body chemistry is flowing with an in breath draw the feelings up to your heart area. Use your hand to help, brushing it over your skin lightly from genitals to heart. Do this repeatedly.

After you estabish a strong connection between your base area and heart then breathe out and move the energy down your arms, then up through your face to the top of your head and down your body to your feet. At first you may want to do this one area at a time: heart to hands, heart to head, heart to feet, but as you get better the energy will radiate out from your heart in all directions at the same time. Circulate it freely.

You will now ride this really positive energy into prayer. On your in breath lift your heart’s desires from your belly to the top of your chest area. These are the centers of both compassion and emotional longing, or desire. Be very clear about what your wishes are. Let them rise up from deep within you. This is essential. If you aren't sure, just start with some desire and the deeper ones will arise with time. Breathe these longings out into the naked air. This emptiness is where the Oneness of all Existence is alive. This is God’s presence. Just pour your wishes out like a little child.

Now gather your desires again from your belly on your in breath and lift them. After you breathe them out as wishes start moving deeper with them. Start breathing out the deeper reasons for these wishes. What qualities do you long to see manifested through your heart’s desires? Are they about more Love in your life? Are they about happiness, or health, or security, or adventure, or kindness? As you get a sense of these spiritual qualities wish for more of them in your life.

Now, expand them to include the whole world. Wish for these qualities to grow in the experience of all people: more Love in the world, more peace, more joy... etc. Draw these longings up from your belly to your high chest and breathe them out. Feel the currents of Life and deep desire pass through you in this good, positive flow of energy.

Gratitude is the language of trust. It is the essence of confidence.

Keep breathing from your belly first. Draw up thankfulness in trust that your wishes have been heard, that they are alive and circulating in the heart of Life itself as pure potential that shall yet be manifested in the miracle of the moment of Life. Pour out thankfulness. Pour out praise to the Source of all.

Gather gratitude on in your breath, pour out Love and thankfulness on your out breath.

Think about it: everything truly beautiful and good is a gift given: from stars and galaxies to the sun and moon, the oceans of air, the mountains and seas, rivers and streams, birds and trees, fields and flowers, animals and fish… and our bodies, each other, our miraculous ability to think, to feel, to speak, all the rich varieties of food the earth provides… it is all a gift.

And even more than all this our essence, the Light of Life we are that shall fly free when our heart beats its last beat is the supreme gift of existence from the Source of all.

In and out with thanksgiving, the very essence of happiness. Let every cell of your body take a bath in these positive energies. Love and Gratitude are soaking into your very DNA.

Now, go out and live Life fully and fearlessly. It is an adventure story you and God are writing.

A Final Thought: As with all spiritual practices they start in a more structured way to facilitate learning, but as you practice an inner sense that comes through the practice takes over and you become much freer and more creative in your practice. This is called, living in the Spirit, for the Spirit is a free happening in the moment of Life.