Breath creates a sense of open spaciousness, and the Spirit is open spaciousness. You cannot separate breath and Spirit. In ancient Hebrew they are the same word.

The beauty of the Heart meditation is that it is essentially natural. God naturally welcomes and accepts all we bring to Him and shines forth and radiates. The mediation brings our outer self into harmony with our innermost nature, or True Being, and our innermost nature in God is our way.

1. Relax. Quiet down. Get comfortable.

2. Drop your attention to your heart. Put your hand lightly over your heart and begin to focus your breath into it. Breathe into the heart and, if you like, sigh gently as you exhale. Feel your breath enter your body. Follow it through your nose and throat into your expanding belly and chest. Feel the open sky in your heart area nakedly without mentally interpeting the sensation. Body sensation is always in the Now. Move from mind's habitual movement from past to future into this forever present Now through your body sensation. Notice your heart beginning to either lighten or radiate as your attention meets this sensation of your empty breath.

If you feel your heart lighten, imagine the empty sky in your chest moving throughout your body, just as the oxygen is actually doing. Breathe in the empty, open sky, then fill your entire body with it as you exhale. If you feel your heart radiate, imagine you are fanning an inner flame on the in-breath and allowing the warmth of this flame to travel through your entire body on the out-breath.

3. Now imagine your heart as an opening window into the vastness of God, into the lightness and emptiness beyond all matter. Once you can sense the lightness and emptiness of the sky in you this sensation can easily become a bridge to the essence of consciousness, the actual nature of the Light of Life in you which is open, clean and free. Through this opening window of your heart to your deepest essential nature pours the sunshine of Divine Love, the freedom of Holy Wind, the innocence and tenderness of God's own spiritual, everywhere present Heart.


4. The restless mind generates unending thoughts. Don't try and stop it from thinking, rather listen to your thoughts as if they were a radio program. Notice how they arise and fall spontaneously in consciousness. See them as if they were little children: sometimes playing, sometimes squabbling, sometimes running off in new directions or stubbornly sulking. You can use your in-breath to carry each thought back into silence, into the formlessness of God’s presence through the window of your heart. Imagine your thoughts as a stream of printed words moving into your open heart and dissolving away in Light. Then, with each out-breath allow your deeper silence out of which all thought arises to flow out and permeate your body and mind.


5. Now continue the same with emotion. With your in-breath absorb your emotions through your heart into the emptiness of breath and stillness of Love. Continue with this until the emotions quiet down. Don't react against them or judge them in any way. Just kiss your emotions with your sensation of empty breath until the "clouds" of feelings melt away back into the open space of sky within your heart.


6. Now continue with physical sensations. Carry all sensation back into the silence of your heart with you in-breath. With the out-breath, allow the open space of breath to radiate into your body. Do you have pain? Breathe it in through the heart. Welcome it home to Love. Welcome it as an errant child. Do not judge it or reject it. Welcome pain. Kiss it with your outbreath. Imagine your breath flowing right into it as blue, soothing color. Wrap your pain in a gentle blue bandage of sky.

Do you feel pleasure? Welcome it home to your deepest being. Welcome pleasure home into the Ocean of Innocence — the essence of Existence that gives you birth. Then breathe out blessing through your heart into your body, every part of it, especially the parts you have not liked or ignore. Feel your entire body from the inside. You are Life itself inside every cell. Feel Life as this aliveness inside your body and allow this aliveness to start to melt away any other sensation, especially sensations of stagnant energy, numbness, or negative forces. In-breathe every part home into Life Presence, and out-breathe blessing into every part.


7. Now continue to open with the in-breath and bless all with the out-breath without making any distinction between thought, emotion and physical sensation. All energy and form is absorbed and dissolved back into formless Love as you breathe it into the open sky of your heart. With the out-breath the Spirit is radiating its fullness back into form, loving form, permeating everything with lightness and Love. This carries you to the very border where Light becomes form.


8. Now, carry others through the door to God, into infinite spacious peace, and breathe out God’s blessings into their form. Take one person you care about at a time. (Be sure to include the person you have the most trouble with, even the one who has caused the worst pain in your life.) Breathe your imaginative image of the one you pray for into your inner sky, and imagine them happy and beautiful with Light. Breathe out blessings of Light and peace upon theml. Imagining them soaking it up with every cell of their body and all their open being. Imagine them crowned with Light and Light shining out of their heart. Imagine them welcoming you and others into their open arms.

Now why not pray for the whole world? Let blessings flow from you into every corner of the world. This is compassion in action. Imagine the name of any country you would like to bless as bright letters. Breathe this shining name into your open, sky-filled heart. Imagine the country as seen from high in the sky. Breathe out Love, happiness, celebration and peace upon it. Imagine these Divine qualities twinkling down like star dust all over the country. Wish Divine blessings upon each person there.

Through these exercises compassion is becoming a force of blessing in you, releasing Light into the dark of the world.


1. Face your partner. Feel the rhythm of the waves of your thought and feeling arising then dissolving back into formlessness through your breath. Breathe slowly and deeply. Gently let your eyes meet your partner's eyes.
2. Simply welcome them completely. In a very relaxed way, just receive them totally as they are. Breathe their presence into your heart, and breathe out Love and blessing upon them.
3. Use your hands to make this even stronger. As you breathe their presence in like a fine fragrance, face your palms to yourself and draw your hands to your heart. As you breathe out face your palms towards them and imagine you are breathing Love out your hands into them. Stay very relaxed. Don't try, just rest and flow.
4. Now, let the one with the longest hair speak first. Share your deepest needs and dreams. As one of you speaks the other silently welcomes everything they share and breathes out blessing. Don't make comments. Just receive the speaker fully with breath, relaxed attention, careful listening and hand movement.
5. Breathe all they are into the spaciousness of God within you. Breathe out Love and Presence. Fully enjoy their beauty, just as they are. To be received, Loved, heard and enjoyed is a huge healing gift — far, far greater than any "good advice" you may be tempted to share.
6. Now allow them to give the same gift to you.


Use this exercise in public. Bless everyone who flows into your awareness. Let it be a natural rhythm. Breathe in each person you see as you welcome them just as they are. Realize the fact that you don't know anything about them. They are a mystery in God, on their own journey. You have no idea who they really are behind their social masks, beyond their present belief systems. You have no idea where they are coming from in their experience or where they are ultimately going. Just breathe out blessings of Love and Light upon them with naked intention. They have the same silent Light of Life in them as you sense in you. Honor that with unconditional Love and welcoming. Warmly welcome them just as they appear to you, without judgment of any sort. You are serving them on very high levels of Divine Spirit. Your heart will expand open with Love and peace.