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Welcome. This workshop is a exercise of 10 steps that will clarify your life then get you moving towards living the most meaningful life you can live. You need two things:

1. To do it, one step at a time.
2. To be completely honest with yourself.
I will live the most meaningful life I can possibly live.


1. Clarify your values: write down on paper or in a computer file all you love and most value in life. These will be certain universal qualities.

For example: I love to sail. But that is not a value. So I ask myself why do I love sailing? Well, for one thing, because I love the sense of freedom that comes through the wind, sail and sea. So my deeper value is feeling free. I also love peace and sailng conveys peace to me. Freedom and peace: these are deep universal values.

Think through all you love and are attracted to and write down what "life-qualities" they bring to you. These are your values. Be clear about them.

2. Define your interests: as you worked on your values list you probably became aware of what interests you most in life. Write these things down and then put them in a priority list, putting what interests you the most first.

For example: I quickly write down whatever comes to my mind that interests me. Here is a partial list as it could go on an on.
I am interested in spiritual growth.
I am interested in living in Love.
I am interested in healthy relationships and wholeness.
I am interested in joy, spontaneity and freedom.
I am interested in creativity.
I am interested in communication.
I am interested in writing.
I am interested in photography.
I am interested in painting
I am interested in music
I am interested in history.
I am interested in good food and cooking.
I am interested in sailing.
I am interested in skiing.
I am interested in celebrations.
I am interested in compassion.

Now I prioritize my list, because the most important things don't always come to mind first.

My priority list:
1. Living in Love:
   a. healthy relationships and wholeness
   b. spiritual growth
   c. celebrations
   d. compassion
2. Communication and Creativity:
   a. writing
   b. photography
   c. painting
   d. music
3. Joy, spontaneity and freedom:
   a. spiritual growth
   b. poetry
   c. music
   d. sailing
   e. skiing
4. Life Quality
a. cooking and good food
b. education
c. history

As you can see I reworked the first list, using some things more than once, until it felt genuine to me. I could have added many new things as well. Be free and follow your own inner workings.

3. List your talents:
write down all your natural talents and the skills you    have developed. Don't limit this to what you might think are talents, such as writing, music, painting, etc. What about caring for children or the elderly?
What about gardening, cooking, business, home decoration, mechanics, building, finances, etc.

4. Define your dreams: using what you have already done, let yourself dream of a life that would fulfill your values and interests plus fully engage your talents. Take some time with this. Write it down.

5. Define your needs. Now write answers to the following questions:

a. What kind of place, or environment, do you need to live your dreams? List what this place would be like, including climate, city or country, geology, etc.

b. What kind of people do you need? What are the people like who can best support you in your growth to live your most meaningful life?

c. What things do you need? Do you need more money? A new way of transportation? A house? A meeting space? A computer? A sewing machine? Whatever you need, write it down.

6. List the obstacles that stand in your way. We often feel it is impossible to live a fuller richer life because our sense of limitation can be overwhelming. But list clearly each obstacle and you may see that one by one, or perhaps all at once with a big leap, you can move past obstacles. This can include lack of money, relationships, beliefs about yourself, etc.

7. Create a plan: Using the work you have done so far, write a plan of how to overcome your obstacles and move towards your life of greater fulfilment and purpose in stages.

Your plan should include ways to be true to your values and use your talents and skills. Build on your strengths. If that is not possible yet, then put in your plan steps that start making small changes in the direction of living your values, interests, talents and dreams.

8. Prioritize actions to move towards it one step at a time: make a work list that puts in order the things you must do to move towards the life you dream of living.

9. Take time to day dream: keep your vision alive by daydreaming about it. Many ideas will come to you as you do. Don't underestimate the power of daydreaming.

10. Do it. The universe responds to action. You have your list. Do it as you dream and dream as you do it. Keep your intention clear and move towards the most meaningful, happy, rewarding life you can possibly live.

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