Writers, Artists, Workshops, Festivals and Spiritual Communities:

Recommended Links to works of Kindred Spirit
Angsbacka Kursgard: Sweden:

spiritual community, workshop, retreat
and festival center in Central Sweden:

Benny Alex: Denmark:

Spiritual Writer, Founder of Drivhuset, Denmark, a network of open-hearted people desiring to grow in Love.

Harmonina: Sweden

Christina Nilsson’s resources for spiritual workshops
and creative dance in Southern Sweden

Open Heart Tribe of Copenhagen: Denmark

Regular meetings, Heart dance, workshops, Growing in Love, celebrations.

Spiritual Life Institute: USA and Ireland:

founded by Fr. Wm. McNamara O.C.D.
(a wild monk) with great passion.

Sarah west: USA

Astonishing Music, Pure Love Through a Voice,
Inspirational words, beautiful site, CD’s and Books, etc.

Blake Steele's Artwork

Blake Steele's joyous, childlike images are icons for the child within us all.

Kailash Kokopelli
Musical Ambassador of World Peace. Beautiful site!

EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques. Highly
reommended for its ability to bring inner liberation.

Getting Clear: A simple and really fun workbook to inspire your growth in Love and happiness.

Earth Clinic: a review of home remedies from all over the world. Some good stuff. Of course the earth creates everything we need to be vitally healthy.

Blake Steele's Index Page for 8 different websites of illuminative inspiration.
Being Loved
IHC Founder Blake Steele's web site with poetry for adults and children, audio recordings,, photo gallery, paintings, and more.

One Fresh Minute

Take a break from stress for one fresh minute of inspiration and peace. A free on-line service for use at office or home.

Beyond Religion

Exploring spiritual experience not clearly addressed
by Christian tradition

Sex and Spirit

A much needed sacred sexuality for the West. It deals very openly and with deep respect with our human bodies and sexual energy and how to connect it to the highest and best within us. A great resource for personal healing and sex education as well..

 Sacred Art of Living: USA:

Spiritual work with the Dying. Meditative Music, (Luminous Journey CD produced by Blake)
Retreats and Retreat Center.

Vast Center: India

A learning, sharing center in India based on the ecological and spiritual teachings of Sri Vast. A place of celebration.

Visions Of Heaven

Ann Alber’s Oasis to enrich the mind
and sooth the Soul

Near Death Experiences

This is one of many sites that tell amazing stories of people's journeys beyond death and back. Very inspiring.

Sonic Mood:: Fantastic creative tool for meditation and peace. Check it out.

Seeds of Love: a free audio visual meditation of Love
and beauty you can email to all those you love.

Sacred Poetry Site:
lots of great poetry and music.

In Love, Nothing is too Good to be True
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