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There can be no complete way of Life that does not embrace sex as one of its paths.


Sex is a foundational level of our multi demensional beings. The intincts of sex to open us mirror the higher levels of our being that love to open to the spacious, blissful Source within the center of us all. Here you can learn to ride sexual energy home to your Truest Being where you may glimpse the unified nature of existence, and surrender open into the beauty and Love that is our highest fulfillment and joy.

This workshop is divided up into two parts: information to expand our perspective and practicle exercises to lead you into a deepening experience of sacred sex.

Opening Our Perspective: Divinity As An Ever Expanding Love

The secret of continual growth into more Light, lightness and real Love is to melt away the egotistically centered mindset and heavy energetic forces we have picked up in our soul. Try these simple exercises. As you cannot get nourishment from eating a recipe so you will get no benefit from merely reading them. It is by DOING THEM that you gain YOUR OWN EXERIENCE. This unfolding experience will lead you.

Sacred Sex Exercises
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