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We were each formed inside our mother's dark, rythmic body. We swam blindly like a pollywog in her ocean. We then slipped into this world through her opening yoni and our first powerful instinct was to find her soft breasts and drink. God perfectly designed a mother's breasts to comfort her baby with their softness and warm bodily fragrance. Is it any wonder that people have such a strong primal attraction to woman’s bodies? It forever lives in the innocent core of our being. And this is a beautiful thing. When we shame, degrade or commercialize this instinctual love we cast a dark shadow across our minds.

To undo twisted things is the pathway to inner freedom. It is essential to come back to our deep and primal innocence of being. I don’t mean naivety, for that would be regression, but rather to see things straight and true, as they actually are rather than discolored by our projections. The Bible says, “To the pure all things are pure.” Pure means unmixed and unaltered. To encounter things purely is to sense their beauty, their full unique energies and their luminous mystery — for everything at its Source is connected to the Divine.

On the quantum level matter is energy and energy is Light… it actually shines. Just as the great mystics of all times have revealed: "God is Light... and in the Divine is no darkness." Matter is bubbling in the infinite Ocean of Pure Being. On this level everything is beautiful.


These images are given for one purpose: to reconnect our souls back to the innocent spiritual essence of a woman’s body and thus in a real way to our deep unsullied being. Buried in us all is a love for the soft door of the yoni we passed through into this world — and we all have a primal attraction to women's soft, comforting breasts. This is natural and good and in a state of wholeness is a deeply spiritual thing. A man's mature sexual attraction for a woman is far more than a drive for a brief orasmic pleasure — beautiful as that may be. It is connected to a deeper longing to reunite with our Divine source, to merge with the wild Divine Feminine, the Great seething Womb: with her flying leaves and falling petals and the great oceans of wild sky. We long to dive into Life's living fabric of subtle rhythms, music and mystery that alone makes us expansively whole and free. To be inwardly clear is to consciously love what your instincts naturally love with all your heart and go deeper to realize the fuller context of your love that spans all levels of your being.


Many women feel this same mystical draw to the softness, welcoming and ecstatic depths of the feminine — some even sexually. We have a lot to learn from their powerful feminine sensitivies. Though we can draw little comfort from a masculine dominated, embalanced Western spiritual tradition, we can follow the path of Love into new sacred territory to expand Spirit and thus reclaim more of God and ourselves.

It is also true that many men feel much more at ease with the male body. I will not venture to say why as I'm quite certain there area great variety of reasons, but I can't help but wonder if in some at least, there isn't a deep fear of the latent power of the feminine — for though a woman forgets her archetypical strength some highly sensitive men still feel it and tremble.

And then there are women who absolutely love the male and men who absolutely love the feminine. Here the yin and yang meet and the spark of recreation flares.


These images were chosen because they express bodily purity and shine with something of this innocent inner light that still encompasses us all. In that sense they are highly idealized beauty. I sincerely hope women will understand that these images are not meant as a standard of measurement of earthy women. So please don't compare yourself. They are focused on rediscovering a spiritual essence of Being — that divinely innocent child who tastes spiritual essences, who plays in the poetry of Life and holds in the center of its playful heart the key to higher states of being that shall in the end transfigure us all.


By gazing quietly at each image you may become aware of the projections of your unconscious. This is very good. Without this awareness how will you ever get free of them? They will just go on coloring and controlling your perspective. Come back to this gallery as often as you feel the need. Use the images to reflect your heart to yourself. Gaze at images that draw you until you feel nothing but innocent joy and beauty pouring through them. Gaze until you see as a small child would see, with curious wonder. This is your truest self seeing, this is Pure Being shining through.

This Light of innocent seeing is foundational: it is meant to shine through all the colors of soul — that marvelous bridge between gospel glories and the blues. Once we get the foundation clear the feast of Life can really begin, warts, sags, body odors and all.

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I have created a web site: "Sex and Spirit" that goes fully into opening sexual energy to the Great Love as a way of cleansing and healing. It deals very openly and naturally with sex which is much needed. It is also designed as a learning site for adolescents to give them a really healthy perspective on their own bodies and sexual energies.

Please understand, sacred sexuality is a very powerful path of refining the soul from all that is twisted. There is always the danger of easily identifying sexual matters with that which has been abased. Please approach this site with maturity and respect.