Stress is the number one health problem in the industrial nations of the world. It is not normal to be stressed as a continual way of life. Stress is an affliction with many causes, not the least our sense of isolation from the strength and peace of our own pure, natural state of Being. We are strange creatures, alienated from the wholeness of our selves, educated to be partial beings, overly analytical and logical to the exclusion of our creative, intuitive, instinctive natures. Our minds have been artificially disassociated from our wise body/mind knowing. We have been educated to relay on "external experts" instead of internal wisdom. No other living creature is so endowed with intelligence and so ignorant of their own natures.

We live within economic systems based on competition and the survival of the fittest. This forces us into a constant, low-grade state of competitive war, which is stressful. We are so conditioned to it that we feel it is normal. But it is not.
Radiant Health is Normal

To be radiantly healthy and happy is normal. When an organism is healthy it is harmonious, and to be harmonious and healthy naturally creates the sense of radiant well being we call happiness.

Our body/mind systems know this, but we have over ruled them with assumptions and beliefs that have disempowered us as our own healers and empowered the educated experts. This is having disastrous results as we assume that the normal way to age is to become progressively dependent on medications, almost all of which have negative side effects.
Stress Symptoms
Signs of stress include:
a general negative outlook,
excessive worrying,
moodiness and irritability,
agitation and inability to relax,
feeling lonely, isolated or depressed,
constantly tired,
sleeping too much or not enough,
multiple aches and pains,
tingling sensations,
diarrhea or constipation,
nausea, dizziness,
chest pain, rapid heartbeat,
eating too much or not enough,
social withdrawal,
procrastination or neglect of responsibilities
Melt it Away
Here are some important Keys
that have dramatic effect.
They Really Work...
try them and see!

1. Get out in Nature

Feel the harmony and rhythms of the natural world and enjoy its diversity and beauty. Soak in sunlight. Feel each puff of breeze. Look at one flower at a time and really see it. Put your hands on a tree. Nature naturally restores!
2. Put Your Healing, Health and Happiness as Your Top Priority!

If you lose your health, you are no good to those who depend on you. Love others in the same way you love yourself. In other words, first love yourself by taking good care of you. This is essential. As you take good care of you this good will and wisdom will naturally radiate from you to others and inspire them. Be an example first! Face all repressed self-hatred and need to punish yourself. Make your own commitment to radiant personal health!
3. Get the Foundational Things Right!

a. Drink lots of purified water every day: two to three quarts. Your body MUST HAVE a free flow of fresh water to keep flushing out toxins.
b. Correct your PH levels by drinking diluted apple cider vinegar or diluted fresh lemon juice every day. Almost everyone is too acidic. This causes stress, pain, and breaks down immunity. Do some personal research to understand how foundational a correct PH level is to your immune system and over all health.
c. Eat organically and eat for health!
Get all the trace minerals your body must have to be healthy. Almost everyone in the western world is mineral deficient because or the industrial farming methods. Look into it and act!
Hmm... perhaps not a good example, except she is free spirited, and that's great!
4. Exercise Regularly

Only regular exercise frees the body from lactic acid buildups in the muscles, a major cause of muscular pain. You don't need strenuous exercise, just a free movement of your body and limbs. Dancing will do it, fast walks, trampolines, shaking your whole body to music. Move, move, get up and move!

You will be amazed how quickly your body responds to this. If you are very stiff and sore, ease into it, but you are the one who needs it the most. Work the stiff, sore areas slowly. Get blood into them!
5. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

A number one way to prevent muscle pain, joint pain, hypertension, sluggish circulation and the associated mental anxiety. Do natural stretching. No one teaches a cat how to stretch. Learn to listen to your own body wisdom by putting your full attention on your body sensations. Just be in your body, feeling it. Slow way down, as if you were in slow motion, then let it move as it likes. Stretch slowly into stiff areas, then back off. Stretch again. Work around them. Your body will loosen up, become more and more limber and fall in love with you and you with it. Do this as a life style. Health comes this way.
6. Deep Breathing:
Just 1 minute of deep, slow breathing repeated several times a day will do wonders for you. Breathe into the belly first, extending it, then up into the chest naturally. Stop thinking someone has to teach you these things. Your body system knows how to breathe right. You just trained it to breathe shallow and high chested. As you do it right it will be like remembering. Practice and retrain yourself to be natural and normal. This retraining is like waking up from a bad dream.

As you deep slow, deep, full breaths observe how your mind and emotions calm down into peace. So easy, so natural... and it didn't cost you any money at all.
7. Meditative Vacations:
After you do some of the deep breathing and your mind has calmed and slowed down then imagine yourself happy and free, running through fields of flowers, splashing in the sea, riding a wild horse, or anything that makes you feel joy and peace. These meditative daydreams are powerful communications with your body/mind energy systems that you love life, beauty and joy and they will respond by generating health and harmony.
Other Things to Do:

1. Laugh a lot...
Stop taking yourself so seriously. Humor is a huge stress buster. Take time for humor. Read a funny book; see a funny movie, see the absurd and speak it out. Laugh at yourself and others will laugh with you, not at you.
2. Get massages.
You don't have to pay for them, trade with your mate or a good friend. Just follow your instincts. The best massages I've ever had were from amateurs. Trust your instincts and your intentions to help each other. Learn by doing. It works.
3. Take long hot showers or a hot, soothing bath often.
Water has a very healing effect. Use the time to practice your deep breathing and consciously let go of tensions. Scrub your skin to invigorate it fully. Relax!
4. Have lots of good sex
Purify it from "dirty" connotations. Sex is a divine gift. Go slow, slow, slow and put your full attentions on what is happening in your body. Wake up to the miracle of this good, good energy. It is designed to be healing, stress relieving and restorative. If you have no partner, work with yourself and fully enjoy it.
5. Do what you Love
Take time to do what you love to do. Stop letting economy rule your life. The most rewarding things are the most meaningful and mostly free, like inspiring someone else, helping out, fixing something, taking time to work with the earth, recovering your old love of writing or painting, dancing, so many things. Remember or discover what you really love to do, and create time to do it!
6. Be Creative:
It is our true nature. Express your feelings creatively instead of keeping them bottled up. Write a journal, write poems which are free flows of feelings, insights, and imagination; draw images of your feelings, dreams, situations and transform them; paint, make music... follow your instincts to create newness and do what you love! Share your creative work with others. Don't compare yourself to others, just be yourself fully and freely... and grow by doing. Enjoy the process. It is really fun to create. Be a child again!
7. Explore the IHC resources
All the IHC workshops and inspirational resources are designed to melt away stress. Look over the menu and choose any one that jumps out at you. There is everything from meditation to sacred sex: but remember, HEALTH IS A LIFE-STYLE. You must first of all be fully committed to your own health and freedom. Then you will be fully interested in it and joyfully experience stress-free living.